Custom Software Development

DigiMap has undertaken several custom development projects in subject areas including municipal administration, sales and marketing, transportation, telecommunications, public safety and insurance. Specific projects have involved corporate information systems, market analysis and market penetration studies, real-time mapping, transportation planning, emergency response systems, facilities design and risk management studies.

These projects have typically involved:

  • data management and process re-engineering
  • delivery of turnkey spatial analysis systems in both Windows and UNIX environments
  • custom software development using languages such as Visual Basic, C++, ASP, MySQL, MSAccess, MapBasic, MapX, MapXtreme, MapPoint

In completing these undertakings, DigiMap has used the most appropriate tools and technologies to deliver products to our clients. This involves using advanced drafting tools, such as AutoCad, or desktop data management software, such as Access, to complement the spatial viewing and analysis capabilities of GIS software such as MapInfo