DigiMap Data Services Inc is a Canadian full service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) firm that offers a complete range of products and services to enable the cost-effective capture, display and synthesis of spatial information.

Through our seventeen year history, DigiMap has accumulated an unsurpassed level of knowledge of the most optimal ways to integrate spatial decision making tools with traditional information technology (IT) applications. Our firm has extensive experience in finding solutions to improve decision-making processes and ultimately affect how business functions are completed.

DigiMap is a Strategic Partner of MapInfo in Canada and has been selling MapInfo solutions for 17 years, MapX solutions for 12 years, and MapXtreme solutions for 10 years. 

With a diverse clientele representing large and small organizations in both the private and public sectors, DigiMap has undertaken several application development-related projects. Subject areas include municipal administration, sales and marketing, financial sectors, transportation, telecommunications, public safety and insurance. Specific projects have involved development tracking systems, notification systems, market analysis and market penetration studies, real-time mapping and transportation modeling exercises, emergency response systems, facilities design and risk management studies.