Postal Data-Forward Sortation Areas (FSA)

Postal Geography files allow you to analyze your data on the basis of known, established and daily functioning geographic areas. Each postal code in Canada is represented by a point of real world coordinates defined by latitude and longitude. These postal codes, lie within boundaries known as the Forward Sortation Areas. Postal codes that begin with the same first three characters (ANA), belong to the common Forward Sortation Area.

Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs):

This boundary file represents well defined, stable areas, sized according to the volume of mail service required. In Canada there are approximately 1,472 unique FSAs, represented by the first three characters of the postal code (ANA).

Data File Characteristics:

The FSA file contains the following fields: name of FSA; Distribution Center Name; Longitude; Latitude; and Province Code Number. The FSA file is updated on an annual basis.