Postal Data: 6-Digit Postal Codes

Postal Geography files allow you to analyze your data on the basis of known, established and daily functioning geographic areas. Each postal code in Canada is represented by a point of real world coordinates defined by latitude and longitude. These postal codes, lie within boundaries known as the Forward Sortation Areas. Postal codes that begin with the same first three characters (ANA), belong to the common Forward Sortation Area.

Each postal code in Canada is represented by points, following the referencing system of Canada Post, used to identify a geographic location. These points, identified by the 6 alphanumeric characters (in the form of ANA NAN) complete the address information of a person or place. There are approximately 802,783 unique postal codes in Canada, represented by latitude and longitude coordinates. Each postal code denotes a small, defined section within an FSA.

Data File Characteristics:

Some of the fields included in the 6-Digit Postal Code file are: the 6 character postal code; the 6 character postal code with a space; the 2-digit province code; the latitude; the longitude; the delivery mode type (i.e. letter carrier route, post office box); birthdates of postal codes; and retired date of old postal codes. The 6-Digit Postal Code file is updated at 60 day intervals.